Elections IT Support Desk

We provide free technical support to U.S. local election offices to help ensure they have the critical resources they need to safely serve every eligible voter in 2020.

Are you encountering a technical hurdle during the pandemic that’s making your job harder? Wish some process could be easier, faster, or automated? Is there a tool you’d like to have or improve ahead of the November election? Contact our Election IT Support Desk with any technical question, idea, or frustration you have.

Get quick, custom, free advice and troubleshooting from fellow election and technology experts. We'll provide rapid responses ASAP to help you continue moving quickly. We’ve handled all types of questions, for example:

  • How can we efficiently handle all the questions from voters that are coming into our office?
  • How can I keep track of all these new poll workers who want to work in shifts?
  • How do we make sure our ENR system is ready to handle the traffic it will get on election night?